Drilling for Soil Samples

Drilling for soil samples is a necessity in many unique industries and each industry has their own specific reasons for sampling.

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No matter why you need to do soil analysis, SIMCO has the right drill to make the job quick and easy with minimal disruption to the sampling site.

Departments for state, county and city parks as well as the Department of Natural Resources and other wildlife preservation groups need to focus on contamination. Locating any kind of chemical pollution and determining the extent of the corruption is essential to maintaining safe waterways and green spaces for visitors and wildlife.

Real estate developers and geoengineers rely on soil classification from sampling to determine how the ground in an area will behave for different uses. The information in a soil survey will outline detailed information regarding suitability for industrial, residential or recreational use.

Of course, farmers and growers depend on soil sampling to guide them in planning crops, selecting fertilizers and determining if the nutrient levels are sufficient for the chosen crops. Livestock farmers will need a soil survey to decide if a certain area is suited for pastureland, so drilling for soil samples is essential in Iowa and the Midwest.

Taking a soil sample needs to be done at different depths and from several different spots in the same area of land. The most efficient way to accomplish this task is by using a compact drill that leaves a small footprint. The SIMCO 2800 HS is exactly the drill rig for nearly any sampling endeavor. Able to maneuver in tight spaces and rugged enough for almost any terrain, the 2800 HS will get the job done quickly, safely and without tearing up the surrounding area.

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