Delivering Quality and More with SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc.

When the drilling team at Ballard Water Well in Willis, Texas took possession of their new SIMCO 7000 water well drilling rig, they knew they were getting more than other manufacturers could offer. After months of research and discussion of options with the SIMCO sales team, they had the confidence that their new 7000 would be the ideal drilling package, suited perfectly to their water well drilling operation.

water well drilling in texas

Pictured: Chris, Wes and Sam Ballard

By working with SIMCO, they knew they could select the best options for their operation and not get saddled with unnecessary, expensive bells and whistles.

SIMCO Drilling Equipment designs and builds their rigs and drilling rig parts in-house. This assures high quality, more flexibility, and readily available parts, minimizing customer downtime. The team at SIMCO understands the importance of investing and taking pride in the quality rigs they produce.

When you call SIMCO, you will reach a friendly, knowledgeable person who can quickly direct you to someone in our sales or service department. The SIMCO service department staff has spent many years building and servicing this equipment, so they have the expertise to handle more issues quickly and efficiently. Should replacement parts be needed, they are typically available and are quickly out the door.

Ballard Water Well typically drills 8-15” diameter water wells to depths in the 300-600 ft range, making the powerhouse SIMCO 7000 water well drilling rig the perfect addition to their business. Having been drilling Texas water wells since 1979, they understand the importance of being able to tailor their new rig to tackle the unique drilling challenges they face every day. The on-site operation, maintenance, and safety training, paired with an industry-best warranty, makes purchasing SIMCO drilling equipment a smart investment for any water well drilling operation.

To find out about all the SIMCO drilling systems or to get a personalized quote on drilling equipment for your organization, call 800-338-9925 or reach out through or Contact Page today!