Customer Testimonial: Joseph With The SIMCO 2800

water well drilling rig ohio

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I purchased a SIMCO 2800 in 2012. As the owner and well driller of a small company I was looking for one rig that was able to give me Hollow stem Auger, Mud Rotary, and Air Rotary capabilities. I also have the ability to core rock, and complete both environmental and geotechnical drilling jobs all while working in a small footprint with a 10 ft. Stroke.

Just this week alone,
I have completed a 10 inch borehole to 50ft. grouted in 6 inch steel casing, then drilled out competent bedrock, and set a 2 inch PVC well to 60 ft.
On a second site: we drilled 72 ft. of bedrock, grouted in steel casing, then drilled air rotary to 97 ft.

The next project in line for our SIMCO will include completing 12 bedrock injection wells.

We have completed many mud rotary holes with our updated 3L8 moyno pump
and have spun 10-1/4 Augers to 65 ft. and run air hammers past 150 ft.

With some minor modifications, I am very pleased with the overall design of the SIMCO 2800.

— Owner/Operator