Compact SIMCO 2800 Toughest Geotechnical Drill Available

When your drilling rig needs to perform in difficult environments, look no further than the SIMCO 2800.

Compact enough to get into tight spots in the city while still being rugged and strong enough to get the job done in any rural terrain, the 2800 is one of the toughest geotechnical drilling rigs currently available.  The SIMCO 2800 drilling rig is designed to tackle harsh geotechnical and environmental jobs. Soil sampling, water well drilling, and groundwater testing are only a few of the jobs the 2800 can power through.

geotechnical drilling rig

At SIMCO Drilling Equipment, each rig is built to the customer’s specifications. Our sales team will get to know your business or organization and will talk through your needs to ensure you get all the options necessary to get your job done. Some of the features that make the 2800 stand out in the industry include:

  • Longstroke mast to handle 10′ tooling
  • multiple options for water or mud pumps
  • 12,000 pounds of pullback
  • 7,500 pound drillhead, with a max rpm of 750
  • all hydraulic, top head drive
  • compact and rugged, built for optimal maneuverability

The amount of space available to maneuver in residential or business areas is often limited and you may not have enough room to bring a larger drill rig into a client’s yard. With the option of installation on the chassis of a heavy duty pickup, the 2800 can maneuver easily and safely whether testing for soil contamination or performing subsurface construction site investigation. For a drill of its size, there is nothing else on the market that gives you this kind of potential.

The SIMCO 2800 is best drill in its class on the market today when it comes to geotechnical and environmental drilling! Contact our outstanding service department today to find out how SIMCO can help your bottom line!