Carry More Payload With New Options on The SIMCO 2800 Geotechnical Drill Rig

No matter the challenges of your geotechnical drilling job site, the SIMCO 2800 Geotechnical drill rig is in a class of its own. Compact and ruggedly built, this all-hydraulic, top-head drive drill rig is easy to maintain and maneuver in the toughest terrain. Powerful features including 12,000 pounds of pullback and a longstroke mast that can handle 10’ tooling makes the 2800 geotechnical drilling rig the perfect system for all of your harshest environmental and geotechnical jobs.

geotechnical drilling rig

SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. works hard to meet the needs of their customers, and now offer more options to make the 2800 geotechnical drill rig able to handle a bigger load to perform more efficiently on site.

One of the newest available features is the International® CV 4×4 truck mounted option. This new configuration takes the GVWR from 19,500 lbs. up to an impressive 22,500 lbs. while staying under CDL. This option keeps the drill rig easy to drive and easy to fit into the toughest job sites while giving your drill rig crew the ability to carry more equipment with the same tier 4 final engine configuration.

The SIMCO sales team recently delivered a new International® CV 4×4 2800 Geotechnical drill system to B2Z Engineering in Texas. After purchasing a 2013 2800 geotechnical drilling rig, the company was so taken by the power and maneuverability, they purchased our newest model on the International® CV, custom engineered to increase their productivity and help grow their geotechnical well drilling business.

For more information about the SIMCO 2800 Geotechnical drilling rig or to learn about other models that may be right for your business,  contact our outstanding service department today!