Can Your Old Drilling Equipment Keep Up with Growth in the Drilling Industry?

As we head into the busy season for water well drilling, geotechnical sampling, and geothermal drilling, it’s important to make sure your business and your equipment are up to the task. Every year there is more and more work available and the businesses that are flush with work are the ones who understand it’s all about efficiency. Your equipment has to be able to keep up or you’ll be left behind.

replace old drilling equipment

It’s been a decade since the Recession and drillers are just now seeing the fruits of their long years of labor. The nature of career drillers is to stretch their resources as far as possible to keep their heads above water and to ride out the rough times. Now, as we head into the “post-recession aftershock,” many businesses are realizing the reliable equipment that saw them through is struggling to keep pace.

As the work load increases, your hard-working SIMCO drill rig is still getting the job done – but maybe it could use some optimization. Now is the time to look to the bright future for environmental drilling and geotechnical drilling and to update that equipment. With engineering upgrades, SIMCO can build a new drilling rig that will put your business at the front of the line for safety and efficiency, leading to better employee retention and profit.

Today’s drillers are technologically savvy. They are always looking for the best way to work smarter, not harder, and how to optimize the time spent in the field. Over the last decade or more, drillers have been stretching aging equipment and career drillers have been happy to run the older equipment. But as the crews are aging out of the industry, it’s essential to be able to attract the next generation of drillers and new, upgraded equipment can be an excellent incentive.

The future of drilling is bright. You’ve worked hard through the hard times, stretching every dollar, and now that drilling business is picking up, you need more efficient profitable equipment to propel you through the good times up ahead. Let SIMCO Drilling Equipment get you there.

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