Building a SIMCO Drilling Rig for Haiti Relief

SIMCO Drill Equipment is excited and proud to be working with Global Outreach International in Haiti to build a drill rig to meet their individual needs.

Haiti is a country that is desperately in need of clean, potable water. The rivers and local freshwater sources are contaminated and are a main source of illness and death throughout the country. Waterborne illnesses such as cholera and typhoid cause more than half of the deaths in Haiti each year and are main contributors to the high infant mortality rate. Many organizations work hard trying to drill safe water wells in Haiti, but well-drilling there is exceptionally challenging. The lack of good roads, the hilly landscape and the rough soil makeup – limestone, volcanic rock, shale, sand and gravel – have destroyed more than one water well drilling rig.

These are the reasons Global Outreach International has chosen to trust SIMCO with building this new drill rig. The people at SIMCO worked with Global Outreach International to learn about their goals, the terrain and the soil make-up and have started building a unique 2800 mounted on a trailer to combat all of the issues that make successful drilling difficult in Haiti. The standard SIMCO 2800 is one of the sturdiest drills on the market today. Ruggedly built and easy to maintain, it was the perfect choice to meet the needs in Haiti.

While a lot of other non-profit groups will use their donations to purchase smaller, cheaper drilling rigs to try to stretch their dollars, they often find that the saved money ends up being spent on hard-to-find replacement parts, downtime and repair costs. By putting a lot of thought into exactly what is needed, Global Outreach International‘s cost will be much lower in the long run.

When purchasing a rig based on the cheap price you get:

  • a bore hole not large enough to properly construct the 4″ diameter well
  • less depth
  • more downtime and wasted man hours

By putting in the time and money into a professional-grade drilling rig, Global Outreach International will get:

  • a sturdier rig with extended longevity
  • the ability to consistently drill the size and depth necessary
  • a reliable answer to Haiti’s many drilling challenges

At SIMCO, we are firm believers that you get what you pay for. In the long run, buying cheap isn’t going to save money and may just cost you more in cash and time. The experienced, knowledgeable sales staff at SIMCO will help you create the perfect drill rig for your business or project, no matter the soil and terrain challenges you face. Call SIMCO today and let’s get started!