Beat Your Toughest Drilling Challenges With SIMCO Equipment

simco geotechnical drilling rig 2800

Geotechnical, geothermal, and environmental drilling all pose unique drilling challenges that need to be conquered to get the job done. SIMCO Drilling Equipment understands these challenges and has spent the last 50 years engineering the best drilling rigs to meet and beat them.

  • SIMCO engineers pride themselves on creating user-friendly controls. Just a couple of options that will extend the life of the bits, augers, and drill rod as well as improving the rig’s overall safety are the bit-pressure and adjustable feed-rate controls. With these features, there are very few surprise drilling challenges that will slow down your team.
  • The SIMCO Dual-feed Control System simplifies and speeds up the drilling process and can be used separately or in combination. The operator has the capability to drill, pull out of the borehole or ream the borehole much faster than ever before using the fast or slow feed rate controls. Giving the operator more precise control over the movement of the drill offers protection against injury and equipment failure.
  • Water circulation can be a make-or-break factor in almost any drill job. SIMCO offers several water and mud pump options to combat drilling challenges caused by too much or too little water in the operation.
  • Geotechnical core exploration drilling or pavement coring becomes more manageable with SIMCO’s choices of drilling equipment. SIMCO engineers have spent decades designing rigs and peripheral equipment to achieve success against most drilling challenges, building a reputation for versatility, longevity and reliability.

There are many factors responsible for good core recovery, efficient pavement drilling and just getting the job done in difficult conditions. But by relying on SIMCO drilling rigs and equipment, you can rest assured that we have the answers for almost any drilling challenges your business will come up against. And with the outstanding SIMCO warranty, your purchase can be maintained for years to come and bring you a return on investment for continued growth.

Contact SIMCO’s service department at 800-338-9925 or through email on our contact page for more information about how SIMCO can help you build your business.