Accessing Clean Water in Africa with SIMCO Drilling Rigs

The quality and reliability of SIMCO drilling equipment is well-known around the world. After fifty years of manufacturing water well, geothermal, geotechnical, and environmental drilling systems, SIMCO equipment is working on every continent in the world. The rugged maneuverability of the SIMCO 2800 makes it the perfect choice for the Mali Well Project as they tackle water well drilling in the varied conditions across Africa.

water wells drilling equipment in africa

Rich Marshall and his wife, Anna, run the Mali Well Project with support from the Faith Baptist Mission in Florida. As a second-generation water well driller in Africa, Rich and his team rely on their SIMCO 2800 rig to help them bring life-saving clean water to remote villages across parts of the West African region. They are currently working in and around the city of Segou in southwestern Mali. Their most recent success took place with the villagers of Zambala, located in the north east corner of Ghana, with two new wells drilled and installed in just over 24 hours.

“We arrived in Zambala around 11:30 am on a Friday, and had the first well drilled by nightfall,” said Marshall. “The second well is a miracle well. In God’s perfect timing, we met a missionary who was able to match the funds raised by the villagers for supplies, and the second well was started and completed by Saturday night.”

The Mali Well Project works with villagers to ensure they are fully invested and trained in developing their own wells. Once they are able to purchase the water well development supplies, the Project team takes the time to teach the villagers how to operate the water well. This process instills a sense of pride and ownership, since the villagers built the wells themselves to provide safe water for drinking and to keep their gardens going through the dry months.

water well drilling in africa

Using the rugged and reliable SIMCO 2800, Rich and his team drilled through a variety of soil types, from clay composite to sandstone, to complete the 39m and 49m bore holes. Despite the terrain challenges, the 2800 powered through and made it possible for the villagers of Zambala to drill and install two wells in just over 24 hours. Each well produced about 32 GPM of life-changing, clean water.

“Partnering with the Marshals and The Mali Well Project to help in developing countries is really a great opportunity,” said Richard Clarke, Director of Sales and Marketing at SIMCO. “Our compact and powerful SIMCO drilling rigs are perfectly suited for these tough jobs – rugged, versatile, and hard-working.”

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If you would like to help Rich Marshall and his team, donations can be made to Faith Baptist Mission, P.O. Box 866, Eagle Lake, FL 33839-0866 by indicating that it is for the Mali Well Project.