A Slide Base Is Just One Feature That Sets SIMCO Drilling Rigs Apart

One of the benefits of working with SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc., is the fact that we are always improving and innovating our drilling rig options. One feature available for most of our drilling rigs is the In-Out slide base and / or Side-to-side slide base. Adding this option to a SIMCO 2400 or 2800, gives you a unique maneuverability for a wide range of drilling jobs.

drill rig with slide base

The In-Out movement was originally added to redistribute weight in light duty trucks but now has a host of other benefits depending on the rig it’s paired with.

  • On the 2400 or 2800 water well drilling rigs, it allows the user to re-align the drill head with the tools in the hole, to move the mast around the bumper hitch and clear the truck bed, and make minor borehole placement adjustments without needing to move the rig.
  • The In-Out / Wiggle Tail Base on the 2400 or 2800 allows the drill to be repositioned over multiple drill spots.
  • This dual slide base feature is a must for geotechnical auger drilling on rigs like the SIMCO 2800, since the augers tends to ‘walk’ or wander while drilling. Having this dual slide base feature makes it easier to drill exactly where it’s needed. It also helps you get back on the hex connection.
  • With a 110° Pivot Base on the 2400 and 255 PTC truck only configurations, the crew can drill multiple holes in an arc from the rear of the truck to the passenger side with the ability to easily reposition.
  • Smaller sized rigs like the 2400 DRILLTEAM  and the 255 PTC benefit from the side-to-side / in-out movement as well, allowing for precise placement of multiple holes without moving the rig.

No matter which rig this option is paired with, the slide base provides two major functions: set-up and positioning for initial drilling location, and realignment of the drill head for tooling connections or taking samples without having to reposition the entire rig. The slide base feature from SIMCO Drilling Equipment is an excellent option for the 2400 or 2800 water well drilling rig, the 2800 geotechnical drill, the 2400 DRILLTEAM or the 255 pavement test core drilling rig.

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