A SIMCO Drilling Rig Trade-In Can Build Your Business

SIMCO is one of the most reliable drilling rig brands, trusted around the world for its durability in almost any working condition. If you have used SIMCO drilling rigs and equipment in the past, you know exactly what it can do for your company. In a recent article, we discussed the available option to purchase used drilling rigs from SIMCO and how this offers you a money saving opportunity, perfect for upgrading your equipment at a reduced price. In order to sell used SIMCO drilling rigs and equipment, we need your SIMCO drill trade-in, as well. If you currently have a SIMCO drilling rig and you were thinking of an upgrade, this could be the perfect opportunity to grow your business!

Top of the Line Drilling Rigs

You should never settle for anything less than the best for your business and your clients. Doing so may result in equipment breakdowns, lower safety for your team, or the inability to complete a job. With SIMCO, it doesn’t matter if you go with the geothermal/water well 7000 or the model 2400, every single device sold by the company is engineered to handle most conditions and to withstand a vigorous work load. So although your current SIMCO rig is still getting the job done day in and day out, now is the perfect time to upgrade to a new SIMCO drill so there is no interruption in the service you provide.

Invest In Your Company With a Drilling Rig Trade In

If you are looking to upgrade your current SIMCO drill rig, consider trading in what you already have for something larger and capable of handling bigger jobs.  Why take a chance with another brand when you know the SIMCO name is synonymous with quality and customer service? This investment into your company with a proven manufacturer will go a long way toward establishing your reliability and growing your business.

When it comes to top of the line drilling rigs that offer a combination of performance and longevity, SIMCO is the name to turn to. With a wide array of drilling setups for any situation or location, all of your equipment needs can be handled by our outstanding service department and through our best-in-industry warranty.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your SIMCO equipment, you can save money upfront on your purchase and again when you file your taxes! (See our previous article for more information.) No matter what drilling challenge you’re facing, make sure to turn to SIMCO for all your drilling equipment needs.