SIMCO 5000 Water Well Drill Rig

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The SIMCO 5000 Water Well Drill Rig /  Geothermal Drill Rig

The SIMCO 5000 was originally developed in 1976 and was widely known in the industry. The original SIMCO 5000 was a reasonably cost drill, ruggedly built, that ran 20′ drill pipe. The SIMCO 5000 was produced for nearly thirty years and hundreds were produced in that time frame. The New 5000 was reengineered with those very same concepts in mind.

We used things from both the SIMCO 2800 and the SIMCO 7000 in our design. The 5000 is a lightweight drill rig on a single axle Ford F-600 truck chassis. The drill has a drill rod carousel that holds 200′ of 3″ Drill pipe. The rig also has the same torque as our SIMCO 7000 which is 30% more than other rigs this size. The truck is all under weight on both axles and the total GVWR. The New 5000 has many updates on it including an electronic screen to monitor gauges and other functions. This greatly reduced the rigs weight.

  • Big rig power in a compact, more maneuverable package
  • Higher horse power driven hydraulics
  • Proven design for easier service means less down time and lower maintenance costs!
  • Higher R.O.I. – More profit per well
  • Higher Torque
  • Higher Pullback
  • More Carousel Capacity 


  • Drillhead (2,860 ft. lbs. max / 0-300 rpm)
  • 22′ Stroke Mast (pulldown/pullback 14,000 lbs. max)
  • PTO Power -Ford F-600 Automatic Transmission 4×4 /Air Shift PTO
  • Hydraulic Main Winch: 4500 lbs. 135 fpm.
  • Split Rod Table and Breakout Wrench and Flat Wrench
  • Top Feed Water Swivel / Plumbing Tree -2-1/2″ Plumbing
  • 3x4x13 Centrifugal Mud Pump (500 gpm max/250 psi)
  • Development Air Compressor 185 cfm/150 psi (VanAir)
  • Carousel with 200 feet of 3″ x 20′  SIMCO PDQ Drill Pipe
  • Down the Hole Hammer Drilling (with Aux. Air)

Capabilities may vary depending on conditions.