2017 Drilling Equipment Trade Shows

2017 Drilling Equipment Trade Shows

Sometimes you need to talk, face to face, with representatives of the rigs, talk shop and bounce ideas off of them. Whether you’re drilling in West Africa or Southeast Asia, you have your own unique variables at play, so knowing the equipment can handle your operation’s needs is vital before ever putting in an order. At SIMCO, your satisfaction is our top priority. With multiple trade shows planned for 2017 (and the potential of more to come), we want to make it easier for you to interact with our representatives, receive demonstrations and ask questions you have regarding specific drilling needs.

2017 SIMCO Drilling Rigs and Equipment Trade Shows

The current 2017 schedule includes shows throughout the United States. These are early scheduled shows, so we will update this list and release additional information as more shows and visits are added.

Current trade shows we’ll have a presence at include:

  • Water Well Expo
  • Shallow Exploration Drillers Clinic
  • National Ground Water Association Expo

Water Well Expo

The Water Well Expo is a chain of shows throughout the United States. We currently have four visits planned across the Midwest, including:

  • Brooklyn Park, Minnesota January 22-25
  • Altoona, Iowa January 26-27
  • Kearney, Nebraska February 15-16
  • Acme, Michigan March 10-11

Whether your company specializes in – or just helps with – the drilling of water wells, SIMCO drilling rigs and equipment are perfect for you. The ability to work in wet conditions without experiencing rust or contamination from mineral build up in future and current wells is essential to your company’s success.

Shallow Exploration Drillers Clinic

This show, taking place April 11-13 in Olathe, Kansas, is designed for oil drilling and shallow mining. Regardless of the kind of sediment or conditions your company works in, check out our demonstrations to see how SIMCO equipment can improve your productivity.

National Ground Water Association Expo

This is our Nashville, Tennessee visit taking place December 4-7. We have the opportunity to show off our equipment for the upcoming year, so if you want to see the latest technology available for ground water drilling, plan on meeting us in Nashville.

At SIMCO, we strive to provide the very best drilling rigs and equipment for a variety of needs. If possible, stop by one of our booths at these different shows or contact our service department for any additional questions you might have.