2004 SIMCO 255 PTC- Shallow Auger Work- Pavement Coring

2004 SIMCO 255 PTCHours 1104 (Rig only – needs mounted to a carrier) S/N 041950

Pavement Coring –

Shallow Auger Work –

  • 42″ Stroke Mast
  • Drillhead 200 ft. lbs. max torque / 1000 rpm max. (other options available)
  • 25 HP Kubota Diesel Engine
  • In/Out Slide Base
  • Emergency Stop/Shut Down System
  • Adjustable Feed Rate & Bit Pressure Controls
  • Adjustable Bit Guide
  • Drillhead Tachometer

This rig makes short work out of any pavement coring job. The SIMCO 255 PTC pavement core drilling rig is ideal for the hard to access  pavement coring drill jobs.  Due to its compact size and weight this rig can be mounted to most any carrier. (Capabilities subject to drilling conditions.) (We offer two different drillhead options for 2”-12” Cores and another for 6”-18” Cores).